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    The Success Journey Of Tushar Sanas And His Company Nishnai Holidays

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    Travelling worldwide has been a dream that everyone at least once dreamt of. One of the best things about traveling is that it forces you to go outside your comfort zone. It helps you escape from your mundane work and recharges you. Traveling to a new location, especially one you have never been to, makes everything seem and feel brand new. Travel will either relax you or may give you an anxiety attack. There are new sights and a riot of color to take in. You may go down the street and hear unfamiliar music and overhear individuals speaking a language you have never heard before. The meal’s aroma may excite you and challenge your taste buds. Any challenges you come across on the journey, no matter how modest, are exciting.

    These days, our everyday lives consist of racing across the city on overcrowded public transportation. We juggle between work and home. Over time, a lack of novelty leads to boredom, which leads to a loss of focus.

    Everyone needs a break from time to time to relieve stress. Even if you cannot take a big vacation, a short trip also helps renew energy, reduce stress, improve mental health, and be easy on your pocket.

    Meet our Founder Tushar Sanas, the man behind Nishnai Holidays, Ashtavinayak Yatra, and Bhatke Adventures, who dared to live his dream and is now helping others to achieve theirs by organizing various customized tour packages.

    Tushar Sanas started his journey in 2009 when he was only 15 years old. When most of us were struggling to find our path in life, Tushar Sanas was way ahead for his age. While we were struggling to finish our education, Tushar traveled and explored the world around us. He knew if he wanted to pursue his dream, he would need to fund himself and look for a stable job like most of us. So, he decided to join a company as a tour manager. This was the turning point in his life, where he learned how tours are organized and the planning behind any tour. Tushar did not do this job only to earn his livelihood but put his soul behind understanding the basics of this industry. But Tushar was never content in working for someone else and hence decided to take the route of earning his livelihood through his passion for travel and thus founded Nishnai Holidays in 2012.

    The sole purpose of Nishnai Holidays is to allow people to travel on a short vacation with their family and friends or solo and explore unknown places at a budget-friendly cost. The team at Nishnai Holidays is handpicked by Tushar Sanas. It is trained to understand the travel goals of individuals and provide the best services possible, so you relax and enjoy your tour or vacation. This company was founded with the sole purpose of allowing people to travel and explore new destinations, but at the same time, not put a strain on their pockets.

    Check out the various tours and packages offered by Nishnai Holidays by visiting their website at (

    Tushar Sanas is a great devotee of lord Ganesha and owes his success to the lord almighty, who he lovingly calls Ganu. Ganu, aka Ganesha, Ganpati, and Bappa, is the most beloved god of most Maharashtrians. There is an 11-day festival organized in Maharashtra after this deity who is worshipped before starting anything new to keep any obstacles out of one’s path.

    In 2013, Tushar Sanas set out his Ashtavinayak Yatra under the division of Nishnai Holidays to take as many people as possible to this pilgrimage which covers eight different Ganpati/Hindu temples which are situated around Pune in Maharashtra state. Each of these temples has its legend and history and is known to be self-manifested or self-existent (Swayambu).

    Ashtavinayak Yatra or Nishnai Holidays offers the best Tours and Packages in Mumbai to suit all devotees. You can take the Bus service that leaves every Friday and be part of the 2N/3D package or select the 1N/2D package that leaves every Saturday. They also offer these packages by Car throughout the week. And if to believe the legend about Ashtavinayak Yatra, they also have packages that can take you through the Shastrokta Sequence, which starts with the very first temple of Moreshwar- Moregaon, and after visiting the other seven temples the trip is concluded by re-visiting Moreshwar- Moregaon, without which the journey is said to be incomplete.

    To read more about these 8 self-manifested statues of lord Ganesh or to know the history of these temples, you can visit their website at (

    Nishnai Holidays & Bhatke Adventure

    Tushar Sanas started his company Bhatke Adventure in 2016 under the roof of Nishnai Holidays. If you are seeking the ideal weekend vacation or need a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, they are here to help! Bhatke Adventure is a trek and travel organizer in Mumbai who would help you choose the right adventure for the right occasion.

    If you are looking for a hike, camping, or adventure trip, go beyond Bhatke Adventure. They have trips scheduled for those who wish to take a relaxed nature walk, learn about the state’s history at historic forts, get some serious exercise on a lengthy trek, or push themselves to the limit by ascending the state’s highest peak.

    At Bhatke Adventure, they provide comprehensive information on various hiking and camping adventures. You may be confident that they will offer you all the necessary information, from a short history of the area to a comprehensive schedule for the trip, regardless of whether you are already acquainted with the destination.

    Up for an adventurous weekend or just a small getaway? Check the packages by visiting them at (

    Maharashtra Tour Organiser’s Association (MTOA) is the oldest Travel association in Maharashtra, which aims to bring all Tour Operators registered in the state together to work closely with each other and grow together with mutual benefits. Tushar Sanas was chosen as the Joint Secretary of MTOA in September of 2022 and is the youngest member of this association today.

    In a competitive world, sustaining a rate of 90% repeat customers proves the Quality of service offered and the effort of maintaining the relationship with his customers. Despite having a team, Tushar Sanas never shies away from still working as a tour manager as and when necessary and looking after his customers to offer them the best experience and a life-long memory.

    Closing Thoughts!

    There are several ways in which travel may change a person: psychologically, physiologically, emotionally, and spiritually. By seeing the world, both near and far, you might learn to challenge your assumptions and preconceptions. Get over your apprehensions and embrace the world beyond your door for all the enrichment it may bring to your life.

    Whether you are a seasoned traveler or just getting started, Nishnai Holidays wishes to hear from you! Do you have the urge to travel? What are you waiting for?

    Please book your tickets with Nishnai Holidays and explore beautiful India with them. You can also get Mahabaleshwar booking at the lowest cost from them at ( )

    These travel experts can help you choose the perfect package if you need clarification. They are available 24*7 for you; feel free to reach out anytime!

    (Above mentioned article is a consumer connect initiative, This article is a paid publication and does not have journalistic/editorial involvement of IDPL, and IDPL claims no responsibility whatsoever.)

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